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INSTRUCTIONS - Hidden Winch Cradle (Isuzu D-Max 2012 to 2020 - 4JJ1)


Important Information regarding CV Boot Deflection Guards - Isuzu D-Max/Mazda BT-50 & MUX 2020 onwards - 4JJ3 Motor

CV Boot Deflection Guard Print Out - 1:1 Scale


EGR Delete Module myths BUSTED!

Over the years, we have sold over 15,000 of the Crisp Mods EGR Delete Modules, and we have heard a number of strange and interesting 'facts' that have been circulated about these Modules.

Whilst this post will not be as outrageous or interesting as a MythBuster episode, we do have some actual facts (which we found through real world testing) to share with you about the operation of these EGR Delete Modules.


Since running an EGR Delete Module, my car shuts down roughly, why?

Upon shutdown of the engine, this throttle control valve is what closes off 100% to strangle the motor (i.e. stop the motor). So when it is already partially closed, the engine is already not running to its best efficiency, so it is quite easy to stop i.e. a softer close as it is already partially closed. When the throttle control is fully open, it is more of a dramatic shut-off, as the motor has full flow at idle and then is suddenly closed completely when the ignition is turned off.


Munji Review of the new Mazda BT-50 (collaboration with Isuzu - 4JJ3 Isuzu Engine)

For those who were not aware, Mazda have now teamed up with Isuzu for their BT-50 Ute.

This is our quick review of the new BT-50 / Isuzu (running the new Isuzu 4JJ3 engine).

I was lucky enough to have Kane Camden from Southport Mazda pop around to Munji HQ with a brand new Mazda BT-50 / Isuzu for me to have a test drive of and have a peak.


Munji Trailer Recovery Link - Destructive Test Results

The point of failure was 107.61 kN (10,973.16 kg) of force applied to the tow ball connection. Due to the tow ball connection failing at just under 11 tonne, the Trailer Recovery Link could not be tested any further. 

The test demonstrated that our Trailer Recovery Link exceeds the strength of a 3.5 tonne rated tow ball.


Catch Can vs EGR Delete Module - Do you need both?

A Catch Can and EGR Delete Module are two separate things which we discuss below.

A Catch Can is used to catch most of the oil vapour (no catch can will catch 100% of the vapour) released from crankcase pressure (engine blow-by).

The EGR Delete Module does just that, it deletes the EGR System. It shuts it down into a dormant state but keeps the throttle control valve open which still allows the system to relieve excess boost if required (similar to that of an internal blow off valve).


Does a suspension lift increase clearance for tyres?

No. It does not.

I am assuming you have come to this blog post to figure out how you can fit bigger tyres on your rig. I often get asked the question whether a suspension lift will allow that to happen, and as you can see from my response above, the answer is no.

My summary for getting bigger tyres on your rig is:-

  1. Putting a 2” body lift;
  2. Adjusting the castor of the wheels; and then
  3. Choosing the correct offset for what your modifications can allow for.


EGR Delete Modules for Euro 5 Engines

The 4N15 (Triton MQ / Pajero Sport), Isuzu 2017 Dmax/Mux and YS23DDT / WS23DDTT (Nissan NP300) engines are a “Euro 5” engines. This means that the engines not only have an EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation System), but they also have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

The EGR and DPF work together to meet the Euro 5 emission standards.


Why is there no EGR Delete Module available for my car?

Unfortunately, not all engines can have their EGR Systems deleted electronically.

This blog post contains a work in progress list of engines that fall within this category.


EGR Fault Codes - Will the EGR delete module override a fault code?

In addition to achieving its purpose of deleting your EGR, the Crisp Mods EGR Delete Modules can also remove certain Engine Codes.
Here is a list of the most common Engine Codes that relate to the EGR (all codes need to be read by a OBD2 Scanner).


Diagnosis of Fault Codes

This tool is able to read and clear codes. This biggest thing these days is seeing posts going up about people with codes and so many issues being miss diagnosed and cost the owner money and still the original problem.


The Munji Rig - Specs

Contained in this blog post is a list of the current mods and features of the Munji Rig.


4 x 4 Issues in the 4JJ1 Motor - Loss of Low 4

So ever since our Fraser Island trip my RA7 would not come out of H4 which also wouldn't let me in gauge L4.

So I replaced my 4x4 ecu which fixed the dash lights and from stuck in 4wd but then it was stuck in 2wd only.


Sneak Peak from Fraser Island....

Back from Fraser Island Everyone!!! Bash plate testing!

I will be putting up some more photos soon but I was excited to show you all the results of some of the bash plate testing.


How we like to spend our weekends

What better way to spend some spare time than going for a 4wheel on the local tracks (Ormeau).

It was our first chance to test out the new tire and wheel package we had, also make sure we had the clearance to flex it up.


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My Day Job as a Composite Technitian

This is one of the carbon fiber jetski decks I made for the new Raptor from FP Jetskis. I built this ski from plug to finished part and continue to build them to order. There is some serious lines in this new design which I must admit was challenging.


New Products Coming Soon Very Soon!! EGR you say??? (expanding to other makes and models)

ERG Delete Modules for Other Makes and Models

We have such a great response with the EGR module for the 4JJ1 engine with so much good word. It has proved to be a great product and now our team would like to give you all the heads up that we have Triton Kits being developed and in testing at the moment.


Preparing Your RA Rodeo, RC Colorado and Early Shape D-Max for the 2” Body Lift

After installing a 2" Body Lift on a RA Rodeo, RA7 Rodeo, RC Colorado or early shape D-Max, there are some other modifications that need to be made.

Some are NEEDED for a safety perspective e.g. the steering correction, others are to assist with performance by returning some systems back to factory placement.