Diagnosis of Fault Codes Posted on 21 Feb 16:52 , 0 comments

Who else gets that sick feeling when they see a red/orange light on the dash??


I highly suggest that anyone with modern day car with the OBD2 diagnostics plug invests in an Ultragauge 


This tool is able to read and clear codes. This biggest thing these days is seeing posts going up about people with codes and so many issues being miss diagnosed and cost the owner money and still the original problem.

With the Ultragauge, you can at least read the code and do a quick google search to see what the possible cause is or post up on social media to get help from others. You can also clear codes, but it is highly advised to read the codes and look into it before clearing. In most cases you will find the code will pop up again because the issues may still be present.

This link will help to explain the break down of the "codes"


Once you know the code just ask "Google" and it will give you a good reference point to start with.

Code Search