Preparing Your RA Rodeo, RC Colorado and Early Shape D-Max for the 2” Body Lift Posted on 7 Sep 21:55 , 0 comments

You need to understand that the beauty of a 2” body lift comes at a price, being that there will be other issues (some major and some minor) that you will need to address:-



Suggested Modification

Fan Shroud

The bottom half of your standard shroud will come into contact with your engine fan.


You can unclip and remove the bottom half of your shroud




Munji 4x4 Accessories Radiator Adjustable Side Brackets 

Steering Shaft

Your steering shaft will come into contact with your turbo exhaust housing and opens up the slip spline/joint to an unsafe point.

Munji 4x4 Accessories Steering Correction Plate or Bearing Replacement


Gear Stick

Your gear stick will prevent you from selecting 2nd and 4th gear.

Munji 4x4 Accessories Gear Box Spacer


Fuel Filler

Your fuel filler pipe will need to be extended.

You may be able to get away with stretching out the bend in the pipe however, you may need an extension sleeve.

Front Diff. Breathers

You may find your breathers may stretch or brake if perished at the front passenger’s side inner guard.

Best to check them before the lift. If perished replace with silicon tube.

EGR Valve

On the 4JJ1 model you may find the EGR will rub on a vacuum hose that runs below it.

Have a close look after performing the lift, you might need to wrap it with tape or something similar on the spots where it rubs.

Cabin Strap

Your cabin strap will rub heavily against the chassis mounting point causing it to squeak, rattle and knock with any movement.

The cabin strap will need a slight amount of persuasion to bend down to prevent rubbing, this can be done with a lever to bend or if you split a little section of hose you can insulate it with the hose.

Bull Bar

A 2” Body Lift will NOT raise your bull bar.

Depending on the bull bar, the brand may make a bracket to suit a body lift.


If anyone has any more suggestions or have come across any issues when installing a 2" Body Lift, please feel free to leave a comment.