New Products Coming Soon Very Soon!! EGR you say??? (expanding to other makes and models) Posted on 19 Sep 23:03 , 0 comments

ERG Delete Modules for Other Makes and Models

We have such a great response with the EGR module for the 4JJ1 engine with so much good word. It has proved to be a great product and now our team would like to give you all the heads up that we have Triton Kits being developed and in testing at the moment.

So yes this means if all goes well we will have the new line for Triton's.

The Mitsubishi EGR delete modules are in and passed all testing!!


Who out there has mates with Triton's? Feel free to spread the word and if they are interested, please ask them to follow my Facebook Page

As usual there is plenty of testing being done on these before they are released for sale.

Its time to grow!!


Thank you all for your feedback and trust in our products.

From the team here at Munji