4 x 4 Issues in the 4JJ1 Motor - Loss of Low 4 Posted on 24 Nov 22:07 , 1 comment

So ever since our Fraser Island trip my RA7 would not come out of H4 which also wouldn't let me in gauge L4.

So I replaced my 4x4 ecu which fixed the dash lights and from stuck in 4wd but then it was stuck in 2wd only.

I replaced the transfer case actuator which fixed the 2wd to 4wd but still no L4.

Had issues with my reverse lights too which I just found out that the fuse is called "back light" for reverse... fuse changed and all good for reverse.

But wait!!! Who would have thought that the L4 seems to be connected/related to the "back light" fuse??

I have L4 now!!


Photo Credit: Daniel Snare

Still loved the trip and cant wait for our next one!