EGR Delete Modules for Euro 5 Engines Posted on 11 Jul 20:44 , 0 comments

What is a Euro 5 engine?

The 4N15 (Triton MQ / Pajero Sport), Isuzu 2017 Dmax/Mux and YS23DDT / WS23DDTT (Nissan NP300) engines are a “Euro 5” engines. This means that the engines not only have an EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation System), but they also have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

The EGR and DPF work together to meet the Euro 5 emission standards. The DPF system is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. The EGT’s (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) needs to exceed 600˚C to achieve a sufficient burn off the soot. The EGR is sometimes needed in order to increase the EGT’s. Without the EGR in operation, lower EGT’s can cause an issue, where the ECM will need to introduce more fuel to raise the EGT’s to achieve a full burn.  This means, that without the EGR, the system may use more fuel during certain driving conditions.

Why does an EGR delete affect a Euro 5 engine differently?

When you delete the EGR system from a Euro 5 engine, the EGR is obviously no longer working to keep the EGT’s above the required temperature for the burn-off. This means that when the DPF attempts to perform a burn-off, more fuel is pushed into the exhaust to raise the EGT’s.

The Euro 5 engine has a more complex system. This means that some, not all, Euro 5 engine vehicles who have deleted their EGR systems have experienced some boost loss and use additional fuel in certain driving conditions.

Deleting your EGR system has benefits as it assists with the longevity of your engine by stopping carbon deposits (being abrasive material) from going into your engine and accumulating in your sump oil and engine manifold. Carbon deposits have been known to block oil pick up filters and clog inlet manifolds.

The earlier model engines, such as the 4D56 and 4JJ1 do not experience these issues as they do not have a DPF system. This means that the earlier model engines do experience some ‘performance gains’ such as less turbo lag, whereas the Euro 5 engines may not experience the same benefits, or benefits to the same degree, as the earlier model engines.

If the DPF system is deleted in a Euro 5 motor, the engine will not need to make EGT adjustments during certain driving conditions, and therefore other benefits may be experienced when deleting the EGR system, similar to the earlier model engines.

What is the Crisp Mods EGR Delete Module?

Munji IS NOT the developer of the EGR Delete Modules. Munji is the primary distributor of the Crisp Mods EGR Delete Module.

The Crisp Mods EGR Delete Modules:-

  1. Are a safe EGR Delete – They are safe as they need a fully operating system in order to work. Meaning that they cannot work when there is a fault in the system, being engines codes present. This is important as it means that the EGR Delete Module will not hide any engine codes that may be detrimental to your engine. At the same time, unless faulty, the Module cannot cause an engine code to appear through the delete process.
  2. Is a simple resistor that is fully moulded into the loom for longevity and protection. The resistor is used to alter the ambient air temperature to the natural shut down temperature within the ECU. The ambient air temperature is used for the EGR operation and does not have any impact on fuel ratios.
  3. The temperature sensor post intercooler is used for fueling mg / stroke calculations, which is not touched by the Module operating at the MAF sensor.
  4. Are made to meet RoHS and ip65+ waterproof ratings/standards.
  5. Is NOT a performance modification, it is purely there to delete the EGR system safely to help with the longevity of your motor.

What do I do if I receive an engine code?

If you do receive an engine code, it is important that you READ THE CODE before you delete it. When you have the engine code, you can enter the code into Google to help diagnose the code and your problem. Otherwise, feel free to contact me in regards to the code.

One final thing to remember!

Tampering with the emissions reduction systems in an engine is illegal and will void warranties. This is why the Crisp Mods EGR Delete Module is a plug and play system, you can remove the cable before taking it in for services.