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Jared's Mobile: 0404 797 034 | Order Enquires: 0756 708 147


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Returns Policy?

Please click on the 'Terms and Conditions' link at the bottom of every page.

Do you stock 'X, Y, and Z'

Please note that every item we sell is listed on our website.

Please click on 'All Products' under the Products Menu to see everything we have available for sale, and everything coming soon.

Otherwise, please utilise our search function. Please note, it will not detect / correct spelling errors.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We ship items internationally via Australia Post and DHL Express. Shipping fees are calculated based on your specific address. In order to display shipping fees, add your items to cart, enter your address at checkout, and shipping fees and options will appear for you to select BEFORE entering payment details.

Shackles - What size do I need for my car?

This comes down to whether or not you want more height for your vehicle. If you do not wish to increase the height, then select 'Standard Height' shackles. Otherwise, if you wish to lift your vehicle by 2", select the '2" Shackles'.

Do you have an EGR Delete Module available for my vehicle? If not, can you make one?

We are NOT the developers of the EGR Delete Modules. This product is developed by Crisp Mods and we are the main distributor for these products. All available EGR Delete Modules are listed on our website. If one is not listed for your vehicle, one is not currently available. Crisp Mods is working on new modules, and as soon as new ones become available, we will add them to our website for sale.

What products are available for my vehicle?

All products that are suitable for your vehicle can be found on our 'Vehicle Selector' menu. Please note that if a product is not listed under your vehicle, we do not have a product suitable. 

Will I need to have engineering completed to my vehicle?

All Munji branded products are developed and engineered in-house by our team of engineers and designers. We aim to have all designs approved to be road legal. Once installed to your vehicle, any modifications need to be checked by an authorised relevant signatory and/or engineer in your State/Territory to be compliant for on-road use. This is up to you, as the customer, to complete. To the best of our knowledge, all modifications need to be engineered post-fitment. Please see additional information here.