Strut Spacers & Balljoint Spacers Posted on 26 May 10:17

Installation Guide:

The installation of this Strut and Ball joint Spacers requires mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions. 

N.B: When lifting any vehicle with a jack off the ground please make sure to support the car with axle stands or wheel under the chassis in case of the event of a jack malfunction. Also you will require to get a wheel alignment asap after fitting these parts.


  • Spanners
  • Sockets Set 
  • Axle stands (recommended)
  • Pry Bar (in case of re-alignment struggles)
  • Car Jack (preferably trolley jack for better support)


  1. Park the vehicle on level ground and chock the wheels with handbrake
  2. Jack the front of the vehicle up, for safety, use axle stands or at least a spare tire under the vehicle in case the jack fails. NEVER LAY UNDER A LIFTED VEHICLE WHEN JACKED OFF THE GROUND!!
  3. You will have to asses the components you are undoing and remove any cables & hoses that may/will be effected
  4. You will have to remove the wheel to allow access to the strut. I recommend only one side at a time for safety.
  5. To remove the strut you will have to undo the top bolts and the lower bolt.
  6. Fit the spacer and using the nuts supplied, tighten them up firmly.
  7. At this it will be easier to undo the upper ball-joint to install the ball-joint spacer (recommended)
  8. The Ball-joint Spacer fits between the upper control arm and the ball-joint itself.
  9. Now tighten the ball-joint/spacer/control arm bolts firmly
  10. To re-install the strut with the spacer you will find the strut has to be turned to line up the studs at top. 
  11. Once it all lines up again, tighten up all the components.
  12. Make sure to connect up any hoses and cables that where undone
  13. Fit and secure the wheel.
  14. Lower the vehicle back to the ground once you have checked all components are secured.
  15. Now the vehicle is at its new ride height, loosen the upper control arm bolts to relax the stress on the rubber bushes and re-tighten.  
  16. Now that is all finished it is important to get a wheel alignment ASAP 

Please remember, Safety first!!



Any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

*Please ensure all torque settings are per factory service manual specifications

All the best with your 4wheeling. Stay safe.