Instructions - FRONT Upper Control Arm (RA7, Ra, RC, Early D-Max Shape) Posted on 9 Feb 17:45

Installation Guide:

The installation of these Upper Control Arms requires very good mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions, including reviewing engineering information at the bottom of this post.

N.B: Be very careful when working underneath your vehicle, ensure you are correctly using jack stands or the hoist locks if working on a hoist. Ensure the Ignition is switched off for at least 30 seconds before disconnecting any wiring connections.

Munji Recommended Wheel Alignment Specs:

  1. Caster: +3 Degrees LH & RH
  2. Camber: 0 Degrees LH & RH
  3. Toe: +0.5mm LH & RH - Total +1mm


  • Spanner Set
  • Socket Set
  • Ratchet
  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Pliers/Adjustable Pliers
  • Brake Fluid
  • Silicone tubing / Blu Tac
  • Torque Wrench


  1. Lift the front of vehicle up and remove the front two wheels. If fitted, remove your innerguards. 
  2. Loosen and remove the 12mm nut that holds the brake line to the UCA, and carefuly loosen the 10mm nut that coonects the brake line above the UCA mount. You can plug the end of both brake lines with Blu Tac or a little piece of silicone tube that is capped at one end to reduce the amount of break fluid that leaks out. The brake line to caliper can be unclipped fron the UCA mount with a flat screwdriver and pair of pliers. Remove the 2x 22mm bolts holding the brake caliper to the hub, and carefully hang the hub near the chassis rail to ensure the caliper isn't under strain.
  3. Loosen and remove the 10mm bolt and unclip the 2 clips holding the ABS line to the UCA, and carefully hook it over the shock to keep it out of your way.
  4. Using a 19mm spanner, crack loose both 19mm nuts on the back of the UCA that hold the centre pin to the bush. Don't remove the nuts completely yet. Remove the 3x 14mm bolts and nuts holding the balljoint to the UCA, being careful as the LCA may still be under force. Once that is disconnected, you can loosen and remove the 2x 22mm Bolts holding the centre pin toe the UCA Mount, and remove the UCA from the vehicle. 
  5. The centre pin needs to be reused on your vehicle, so you can either press one of the old bushes out, or cut the back of the UCA with a grinder to relieve the pressure and tap the bush out with a hammer. The nut on the centre pin will need to be removed before it will slide out of the bush.
  6. You can now tap 1 of the new bushes provided intp your new Munji UCA, ensuring it seats all the way in. The centre pin is then slid in from the opposite side, followed the second bush, which can also be tapped in till it seats fully. Refit the factory centre pin washers and nuts, and tigten them slightly to ensure the bushes are held in all the way. Check the threads on the back of the UCA bush clamps are clean of any debris and sand from manufacturing and finishing, and using 4x of the provided M6 socket head screws, tighten the bush clamps down. Use a dab of lock tight and torque to 25nm. NOTE: Final versions have 4 M6 bolts per arm, early prototypes shown below.
  7. Loosen the centre pin locking nuts and refit arm to vehicle. The spacer goes between the centre pin and UCA mount on the chassis, and is bolted in using the provided M14 bolts. Reuse the factory Centre Pin Bolt Washer and Threaded Plate. ENSURE THE CENTRE PIN HAS THE 2 CAST LINES FACING UP AS SHOWN BELOW
  8. You can now check that the factory droop stop contacts the inside of the arm. They bend very easily from factory, so you may have to straighten it slightly with a hammer till it hits on the inside of the arm on droop. 
  9. The Balljoint can now be refitted to the arm, using the provided M10 socket head bolts, nyloc nuts and washers, as shown below. Fit 3 washers on the top of the arm before the bolt, and 3 washers underneath between the balljoint and nyloc nut. Remove the 2x clips on the ABS line using a small flat screwdriver, and bolt the ABS line to the front side of the control arm as shown below.
  10. 2x of the wiring clips can be pressed into the arm in the threaded holes shown below. The ABS line can be positioned into the clip and the clip snapped closed to hold it in place. Check to ensure the ABS line is not pulled tight on full droop, and that it isnt rubbing on any components on full steering lock.
  11. The brake line bracket can be bolted back up to the UCA using the factory nut, and the brake line reconnected. Reinstall the brake line clip to its mount on the UCA mount, and re-install the brake caliper to the hub. Check all bolts have been tightened back up, excluding the nuts on the centre pin. These need to be tightened with the wheel back on the car, and the vehicle on the ground under it owns weight. 
  12. Repeat steps 2 - 11 on the opposite side. Once complete, refit inner guards and tyres, and lower vehicle back onto the ground. The centre pin nuts can now be tightened up, and the brakes bled. You will need to get a wheel alignment immediately after fitting, as the camber, caster and toe will most likely be off. This is normal, as you have chnaged the geometry of the front end with these arms. 

If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.
All the best with your 4wheeling. Stay safe.


Once the upper control arms are fitted, the arms need to be Mod-plated/Engineered by a Relevant Signatory/Engineer in their State/Territory to be compliant for on-road use. We have had the testing done and the arms have passed in QLD. This is up to you as the customer to complete.