INSTRUCTIONS - Front Inner Guards Posted on 27 May 20:28

The installation of the Front Inner Guards requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions.


  • Drill
  • Crimper if you chose the rivnut hardware
  • Alan Key Set


All models are slightly different in regards to the shape of the guard itself, and how many mounting points are used.

All front inner guards use original holes, which need to be drilled out slightly larger to suit the hardware selected (see below for further information).

  1. Line up the inner guard to where it is to be placed, mark which holes are used by the inner guard (so you know which holes to drill out, as not all original holes are used). Be careful that there are no lines, or cables, or pipes etc behind where you are about to drill. I highly recommend using a stopper on the drill bit, to prevent drilling too far. This can be simply masking tape around the end of the drill bit to stop it.
  2. Drill out marked holes (see below for the correct hole size).
  3. Place inner guard back into place and insert hardware.


The hole needs to be drilled out to 9mm to suit Rivnuts.

You will need a Rivnut Crimping tool to use the Rivnuts.

If you do not have a Rivnut Crimper, you can install manuall. Here is a link to a Youtube Video demonstrating how.

Rubber Thread Inserts

The hole needs to be drilled out to 12mm to suit Rubber Thread Inserts.

No special tool is required.

The Rubber Thread insert is pushed into the drilled out hole.