4JJ1 Intercooler Fan Mounting Bracket Posted on 14 Nov 10:19

Installation Guide:

The installation of this Intercooler Fan Mounting Bracket requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions. 

N.B: When drilling the holes be sure to use a stopper on the drill or section of pipe to determine the depth of the drill so you do not dent the bonnet. Also be careful when using a sharp knife not to cut yourself.


  • Drill
  • Rivnut crimper
  • Sharp knife 
  • Allen key 


  1. First thing to do is lift your bonnet to gain access to the under side of the scoop
  2. The scoop lining is held in by 6x plastic push clips, these will be replaced by the hardware supplied. Also stops the annoying rattle from the liner when hardware is tightened up. 
  3. The lower leg of the mounting bracket will need to be fitted through the rubber seal to the intercooler. To keep it neat I cut out a hole the size or the leg instead of cutting out the whole section. Use a fresh stanely knife of similar to make it a neat cut and be careful not to cut yourself.
  4. Drill out all 6 mounting holes to suit the hardware and secure the rivnut/rubber inserts. Best to use a drill stopper or section of hose to act as a stopper so you do not drill through and dent your bonnet.
  5. Provided you have already purchased your Spal 10" push fan, this can be mounted using the 4x M6 stainless screws and flange nuts. 
  6. You can now slide the wiring loom of the fan under the intercooler seal, and push the foot of the fan mounting bracket through the neatly cut slot you have made in the seal. Now use the supplied M6 bolts and Munji washers to secure the scoop lining and Munji 4x4 Fan Mounting Bracket.
  7. As you are tightening the bolts please ensure to use the washers to help with spacing of the bolt and check the bolts are not pressing hard against the inside of the bonnet.

Wiring of the fan options:

I ran the loom through with my underbonnet lights to a bulkhead deutsch plug, so it was easy to unplug if I ever had to remove my bonnet but also to make it neat. I have mine switched off the ignition power through a relay. The easiest place to pick up the ignition power is to tee off the supply to the wiper motor. 

In addition you can switch off the ignition and through a thermo switch. This is totally up to you. But please do make sure to run the main power through a fuse to suit the fan motor draw. 

Here is the fan I used:


If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

All the best with your 4wheeling. Stay safe.