INSTRUCTIONS - Rear Inner Guards (Ra, Ra7, RC Colorado and Early D-Max - 2003-2012) Posted on 3 Apr 18:08

Installation Guide:

The installation of the Rear Innerguards requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions.


  • Drill
  • Crimper if you chose the rivnut hardware
  • Hot air gun/hair dryer
  • Alan Key Set


  1. Firstly note the holes in the innerguards, these will line up with the bolt holes in the car already. You will need to drill 1 hole in the front where the inner guard will wrap around.

  2. Undo the saddles that line up with the holes in the innerguards. These holes need to be carefully drilled out to fit the rivnut/rubber insert. 
    NOTE: be careful that the bracket you are drilling into does not twist, drill slowly with light pressure.

  3. Install either the rivnuts or rubber inserts.

  4. The innerguards are packaged flat but do need to be bent, this bend can be done by hand and there is no risk of breaking the HDPE innerguards.

  5. The HDPE is easier to bend with light heat. Avoid too much heat as the material can melt. As it is slowly heated up you will notice it becomes more pliable.

  6. The areas needing to be bent are marked in the cnc cuttings. The long cuttings are marked for a round bend not a sharp bend. It is much easier to use a corner of a bench, clamp or vice if you have one. Hold in shape until the material cools.
    NOTE: The innerguards do not have to hold the perfect shape, once they are bolted up they will form to the correct shape and hold. The heating and bending stage is only to assist the install.

  7. Once bends are completed the panels are ready to bolt in. 


If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

All the best with your 4weeling. Stay safe.