Instructions - Cold Pipe Brace Posted on 23 Oct 09:38

Installation Guide:

The installation of this brace requires minimal mechanical knowledge and basic tools. It is important to follow these instructions. 


  • 10mm spanner/socket
  • screwdriver 
  • hex key/alan key 


  1. Packaged you will find the brace, a hose clamp and replacement m6 bolt.
  2. First thing to do is make sure your keys are in your pocket and not in the ignition.
  3. Remove the MAP sensor plug from the MAP sensor itself
  4. Undo the M6 bolt from the pipe bracket and remove the loom retainer that is clipped into the bracket.
  5. Now slide the Munji 4x4 Carbon Fiber Brace onto the pipe and you will find it hugs the pipe neat.
  6. Loosely fit the longer replacement m6 bolt in through the brace to hold it in place.
  7. Now open the hose clamp so it can be looped over the cold pipe and brace.
  8. You will see the ridge moulded into the brace for the hose clamp to sit as you tighten up the clamp.
  9. Finally tighten up the bolt and plug your MAP senor plug back in.


If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

All the best with your 4wheeling. Stay safe.