Instructions - Billet Aluminium Offset Diff Drop Upgrade Kit (RA, RA7, RC, Early D-Max Shape) Posted on 4 Jul 15:42

Installation Guide:

The installation of this Offset Diff Drop Kit requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. All the original nuts and bolts are replaced with the bolts supplied.

N.B: It is highly recommended that the 4 retainer bolts that hold the diff cradle up are sprayed with wd40 or similar before attempting to undo incase there is rust in the thread. In the case of a seized bolt it could damage the rubber mount so please be careful.


  • Good quality socket set with extension bar.
  • Pry bar or lever of some kind.


  1. After the 4 bolts have been soaked with oil you will need to loosen all the bolts that hold the diff up to the cradle but do not fully drop them. 4 x vertical bolts
  2. Working on one side at a time e.g.
    1. Start on the driver’s side
    2. Have a hold of the diff whether it is tied up or a sturdy block under it to prevent it from falling. There will not be much weight but you don’t want the diff to hang off lines.
    3. Fully undo the 2 bolts on this side, as the diff lowers make sure it only lowers enough to fit the aluminium blocks in and replace the short bolts with the longer bolts as supplied. Reuse the factory washers and place them in the position shown below: 
    4. Remember this is an offset drop so there is 2 different length blocks to achieve the clearance for the cross member . Each block is driver and passenger side specific, pay close attention to the orientation.
      1. The longer blocks are to be fitted to the front mounts and the shorter to the rear. The MUNJI logo will face the front of the vehicle on the front blocks, and the laser etched writing faces the rear of the car on the rear blocks. This is also shown in the below image.
    5. Repeat this process to both sides.
    6. When tensioning the bolts you will want to do them up tight. (torque 100lb-ft)

Always test drive before heading off to make sure everything is tight and clearance is where needed

If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

Drive safe and happy 4wheeling.