Instructions - Gearbox Spacer Posted on 1 Feb 23:07


Installation Guide:

The installation of this Gearbox Spacer requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions. The main purpose of the GB Spacer is to overcome the issues of 2nd 4th and reverse gears being hard to select. The GB Spacer has also lifted the transfer case up so it is no longer the lowest part of the car (Good Thing) and I have noticed it has helped to minimise the low speed tail shaft vibrations caused by a suspension lift (Good Thing). All the original nuts and bolts are reused.

N.B: The Gearbox Spacer is only used on manual transmissions; auto selectors are mounted to the body and do not need to be modified.


  • 12mm Spanner preferably a ratchet ring spanner
  • Pry bar


  1. The GB Spacer is very straight forward, basically all you need to do is to undo the 4 or 2 bolts (depending what gearbox you have) that hold the mount to the gearbox and slip the GB Spacer between these 2 parts.
  2. The GB Spacer has the 4 holes which match the bolts but, some models have only 2 bolts, this is not an issue as the spacing is the same for both models.
  3. In most cases the gearbox and engine will slump back or forward, this is where you need to pry bar or something to force the gearbox back to line the bolt holes up.

If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

All the best with your 4weeling. Stay safe.