Instructions - Gas Bonnet Struts (Mazda BT-50 2020 Onwards (Only - 4JJ3) Posted on 14 Jun 09:29

Installation Guide:

The installation of these Gas Bonnet Struts requires minimal mechanical knowledge and tools. It is important to follow these instructions, as this kit differs from other gas strut kits.

N.B: Be very careful when working under the bonnet, be sure to keep the bonnet rod in place until the install is finalised.


  • 4mm Allen Key
  • 5mm Allen Key
  • 12mm Spanner
  • 13mm Spanner
  • 14mm Spanner
  • Shifting Spanner
  • Pliers


  1. First bolt up each bonnet hinge bracket to the bonnet hinges using the stainless bolts and washers supplied in your bolt kit. Do one side at a time and ensure, once tightened, the bonnet hinge sits in its original spot, as it will move when loosened.  Follow the photo below to ensure correct orientation. (12mm Spanner is needed.)                                                       
    1. Attach the Aluminium Clevis Mount bracket to the radiator support using the custom locating nuts and countersunk M6 and M8 screws supplied, as shown below. The M6 screw replaces the front most guard bolt, which is removed. The M8 screw goes in the front most hole and is tightened using the custom nut from underneath. The locating lip on the custom nut will sit flush with the top of the radiator support. These can be tightened down. The Clevis Mount is loosly bolted to the outmost hole on the bracket using one (1) of the four (4) supplied M8 nyloc nuts. (4mm Allen key, 5mm Allen key, 13mm and 14mm Spanner is needed.)    
      1. Attach the ball pivot end of gas strut to bonnet hinge mount using the another one of the supplied stainless nuts. Tighten using a 12mm and 13mm spanner. (12mm and 13mm Spanner is needed.)                
      2. Attach the gas strut to the clevis mount using the supplied pin and circlip, as shown below. The bonnet rod will need to be removed and the bonnet lifted slightly to fit the pin into the clevis mount. Use pliers to fit the circlip. (Pliers are needed.)
      3. Using the shifting spanner, hold the clevis fork on the gas strut whilst tightening the nut from underneath the radiator support using a 13mm spanner. (13mm Spanner and Shifting Spanner is needed.)
      4. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for the gas strut on the other side.
      5. Slowly lower the bonnet to test the struts and ensure it has been fitted correctly. If the bonnet binds up midway down DO NOT force it closed, double check the installation, and if nothing appears incorrect, give Jared a call on 0404 797 034. 


      If you have any issues please contact me and I am more than happy to assist.

      All the best with your 4weeling. Stay safe.