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4JJ1 Intercooler Fan Mounting Bracket (Suit no body lift)




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What is this?

A cooling fan bracket (fan not included) designed to suit the top mount intercooled 4JJ1 motor.

Built to suit a 10” SPAL  or Maradyne Fan.

N.B A fan is not provided and will need to be purchased separately from:

10" Reversable Skew Blade Maradyne Fan

What are the benefits?

One of the biggest issues with a top mounted intercooler is heat soak at slow speeds. Heat soak is caused by residual heat in the engine bay rising and exiting the scoop, which in turn, heats up the intercooler, resulting in loss of efficiency.

A fan mounted inside the original scoop of the intercooler, forces fresh air through the intercooler, even with no outside air speed e.g. whilst stationary. This dramatically reduces heat soak.

With the natural vibrations of the engine, if you find this part vibrates/rattles, you can secure the part with some double sided tape. This is designed and made using High Grade Aluminium to keep weight down and prevent corrosion.

Options Available

This is made to suit standard height body.

What vehicles does this suit?

Models with original top mounted intercooler only:-

  • RA7 Rodeo
  • RC Colorado
  • Early D-Max


Tools required – drill / Allen key / Spanner / M6 Tap

Installation Time - Approximately 30 minutes including Fan and DIY wiring (Not included)

Difficulty – Detailed installation guide provided, basic tool knowledge required


Standard postage Australia wide included in price


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