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Upgraded Reinforced Silicone Intercooler Pipes (RG Colorado 2012-2014 - Series 1 Engine)




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What is this?

These Intercooler pipes are a direct Silicone replacement for the factory rubber hoses.

What are the benefits?

The original rubber intercooler pipes tend to pop off the throttle body, expand under boost which can cause lag, and also fatigue over time which can allow them to rupture.

The Reinforced Silicone pipe upgrade is:

1. Aesthetically pleasing;
2. Is a single piece design that eliminates the troublesome factory pipe that likes to pop off;

3. Is stronger, will not expand under boost or fatigue; and
4. Is made from Oil Safe Fluorosilicone, which will not break down upon contact with oil. 

All these benefits suit a standard to a highly modified vehicle, with standard front mount intercooler.

Options Available

- 61mm Throttle Body / 67mm Throttle Body:

Certain models of 2014 RG Colorados had the later model motor, which has a larger 67mm throttle body and black oil cap. Please select which model your vehicle is to ensure you receive the correct pipe.

- Clamps:

Stainless steel worm drive clamps are provided and must be greased to prevent the stainless binding up. You can purchase stronger T-Bolt clamps in the add on section above which allow for a stronger clamping force and greater surface area. Ideal for cars running big boost.

What vehicles does this suit?

- Holden Series 1 RG Colorado - 2012 to 2014 (Yellow Cap engine, 61mm Throttle Body)

- Holden Series 1 RG Colorado 7 - 2012 - 2014 (Yellow Cap engine, 61mm Throttle Body)
- Holden Series 1 RG Colorado - 2014 to 2016 (Black Cap engine, 67mm Throttle Body)

- Holden Series 1 RG Colorado 7 - 2014 - 2016 (Black Cap engine, 67mm Throttle Body)


Tools required - Small socket set and cleaning rag.

Installation Time - Approximately 20 minutes.

Difficulty - Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 

Remember to grease the hose clamps before installing. Stainless steel clamps are provided and must be greased to prevent the stainless binding up.


Standard postage Australia wide included in price.