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4JJ1 Radiator Hose Replacements (Early 4JJ1 model)

SKU: I-S1-TRP and I-S1-LRP



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N.B. Ensure you select which Radiator Hose you wish to order, Top Pipe, Lower Pipe or Both.

What is this?

This is a direct replacement for the original radiator hoses on the early 4JJ1 motor:-

1. Top Radiator Hose (hot pipe);

2. Lower Radiator Hose (cold pipe).

What are the benefits?

Replacing original hoses with reinforced four (4) layers of silicone. 

Made with more layers to withstand bursting. Silicone construction handles heat better for more longevity. 

Options Available

  1. Top radiator hose only - $50.00;
  2. Bottom radiator hose only - $50.00;
  3. Both top and bottom radiator hoses - $90.00. 

Standard stainless clamps will be provided.

What vehicles does this suit?

Top mount intercooler model only for the following vehicles and years:-

  • RA7 - 2007 to 2008;
  • RC Colorado - 2008 to 2012;
  • D-Max - 2008 to 2012.

If you have converted your model from a top mount intercooler to front mount, these radiators hoses will still suit your vehicle.

Modifications Needed?

If you have upgraded your vehicle to a triple core radiator, you will need to trim approximately 20mm off the thermostat end of the top radiator hose.

If you have a body lift, this may affect the shape of the radiator hoses slightly, because the engine drops away. In this case, use judgement to determine whether you need to trim the hose. As this is a direct replacement of originals, if you needed to trim your original radiator hoses, the same will apply to these replacements. 


Tools required –screwdriver and pliers 

Installation Time - Approximately 30 minutes (including radiator fluid drain and top up)

Difficulty – Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 


Standard postage Australia wide included in the price

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