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Intercooler Hot Pipe - PK/PJ Ranger & UN BT-50 (2007-2011)




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Important notice!!

This Pipe is made with a Flurosilicone liner which makes these oil safe. Silicone can still sweat but the oil will not deteriorate this material.

Please note when installing, do NOT use rubber grease or oil to help "slide" the pipe on, rather use saliva or hair spray which will dry and help prevent the pipe slipping off under high boost applications.

When installing the pipe, be wary of the laminates of reinforcement. If you catch the laminate of the Flurosilicone on the barb end of the cooler or turbo, you can cause interlaminate failure which will delaminate this inner lining. If this happens I cannot cover this under manufactures warranty. 

What is this?

This is a custom designed direct replacement for the original Intercooler Hot Pipe.

What are the benefits?

This pipe replaces the factory pipe which is prone to splitting over time, especially if you run above factory boost. It is far stronger then the factory pipe being reinforced four (4) layers of silicone, which means it will not expand under boost, thereby reducing lag. The Silicone construction handles heat better for greater longevity. 

Stainless Hose clamps provided.

What vehicles does this suit?

  • PJ/PK Ranger (2007-2011)
  • UN BT-50 (2007-2011)


Tools required – screwdriver 

Installation Time - Approximately 15 minutes

Difficulty – Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 


Standard postage Australia wide included in the price