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Vent to Atmosphere Chassis Kit (Isuzu D-Max - 2012 to 2020) - PRE-ORDER!!!




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N.B. Images are of earlier vent to atmosphere kit, correct kit / parts will be provided

What is this?

This is a kit that is the only 100% removal of blowby crankcase pressure and oil from your intake and no servicing needed!!

There is NO risk of pressure build up from a restrictive filter and no draining needed. 

With the gasses being evenly pumped into both chassis rails you will not only get no dripping but you will also get an even coating (very thin) of oil throughout the entire chassis rails. This is one of the best rust preventions you can have on any car that is exposed to the atmosphere not to forget for those who drive on salted roads.

Normally vent to atmosphere is a pipe to the ground... there are many bad things there eg:

  • Oil vapour on the road is not kind to motorbike riders or other vehicles
  • Oil vapour on the road is not kind on the road surface in general
  • Can be easily seen venting into the air

This kit comes with all that is needed and is vehicle specific. 

These kits will include:

  • Specific chassis fittings made to fit original holes with no cutting needed.
  • Angle barb fittings that fit to the chassis plates
  • Y piece to distribute to both rails
  • T piece to tap into the original breather (one blocked end to make it look "neater"
  • Silicone pipe to connect all the fittings neatly.
  • All fittings are billet alloy anodised black also the silicone pipe supplied is black for a "neater" look...

What are the benefits?

100% removal of venting gasses and oil from intake system.

What vehicles does this suit?

- Isuzu D-Max (2012 to 2020)


Tools required –  screwdriver / degreaser / rags / allan key set / knife

Installation Time - Approximately 30 minutes

Difficulty – Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required / Detailed installation guide provided, basic tool knowledge required 


Standard postage Australia wide included in price / Express post Australia wide included / Postage additional, calculated at checkout

*Venting to atmosphere is not legal

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