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2012-2014 4JJ1 EGR Cooler Delete Kit (Round EGR Cooler)




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N.B: To run this EGR Cooler Delete, you must have your EGR system deleted via an EGR Delete cable or remap. Without the EGR system deleted, a code will be set. 


If you have the square style EGR cooler, please purchase the 2014-2016 model delete kit.

What is this?

An EGR Cooler delete kit designed to suit the pre-DPF front mount intercooler 4JJ1 motor.

This kit comes with a moulded silicone pipe, 3 stainless steel hose clamps and an aluminium joiner which allows you to quickly and easily reconnect the factory coolant lines. 

What are the benefits?

One of the first issues encountered when fitting an upgraded turbocharger to these engines is the clearance of the turbo to the EGR Cooler. This kit allows for the fitment of a larger turbo such as the 44mm or F55.

Removing the cooler and bypassing the coolant flow also removes the risk of a cracked EGR cooler filling the manifold with coolant and hydro-locking your motor, which can mean a full replacement if it causes damage to pistons, rods, valves etc.

These blanks and mounts are machined from Billet Aluminium and are made 10mm thick to prevent warping, leaking and cracking. These are anodised to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality finish that adds a bit of bling to your engine bay.

Options Available

This is made to suit the factory front mount intercooler, in Stealth Black or Munji Blue colours.

What vehicles does this suit?

Pre-DPF Models with the round type EGR Cooler only: 

  • 2012-2016  D-Max/MUX 


Tools required – Spanners / Pliers / Allen Key / Screw Driver

Installation Time - Approximately 30 minutes - 2 hours depending on how many bolts snap - refer to instructions

Difficulty – Detailed installation guide provided, basic tool knowledge required


Standard postage Australia wide included in price