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Composite Inner Guard Replacements REAR - ML/MN/MQ/MR Triton




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What is this?

A pair of Munji Reinforced Inner Guards to cover up the join in the plastic inner guard at the rear (tub only) that is known to open and tear. Also to close up the gap caused by a 1" / 2" body lift. 

It makes the body lift more discrete and provides a neater overall appearance of the tub lift.

To save on deformation during post, inner guards will be sent out flat and will require two bends. These bends can easily be done by hand, if on hand, a hot air gun can make it easier to bend. Instructions for bending (along with photographs) are provided. 


  • Inner Guards are CNC'd out of High-density Polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Black in colour to suit the "Original Look".
  • This a UV stable material and will not deteriorate in the sun.
  • HDPE is a thermoplastic, which means if for some reason it is out of shape you can simply leave the part out in the sun on a hot day and it will be easy to flatten out again.


Options Available


Two different heights are available for purchase:-

1. 1” Body Lift

2. 2” Body Lift


The Inner Guards come with your chosen hardware, either:-

A. Bolts, anodized washers and Rivnuts (please note this is the recommended mounting system, however, you will require a Rivnut crimper) - $160.00.

B. Bolts, anodized washers and Rubber Thread Inserts - $170.00.

What vehicles does this suit?

  • ML Triton
  • MN Triton
  • MQ Triton
  • MR Triton


Tools required – Allan key / Drill

Optional tools required (depending on hardware selected) – Rivnut Crimper for rivnut hardware option

Installation Time - Approximately 30 minutes for initial install of Rivnuts

Difficulty –Do it yourself, basic tool knowledge required 


Standard Postage Included Australia Wide