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REPLACEMENT PROMOTION - EGR DELETE MODULE - Mitsubishi Pajero DPF 2017 onwards 3.2L 4M41 Engine

N.B. This only applies to those customers who own a 2017 onwards Pajero and Challenger DPF 3.2L car. The original module works completely on all other models.

Munji 4x4 Accessories is happy to announce the development of the new CrispMods EGR Delete Module to suit the new 2017 build onwards, Pajero 3.2L DPF Euro5 Model.

As you may be aware, the current EGR Delete Module did not accomplish a complete closure of the EGR system, on the 2017 onwards DPF Pajero and Challenger vehicles, with small readings of EGR flow still seen. Whilst no harm was caused to the engine by running the original EGR Delete Module, a 100% closure was not achieved and we were not satisfied with this.

Working with customers and Pajero owners on forums (as we had no local car to test on), a new EGR Delete Module has been developed that now accomplishes a complete closure / delete of the EGR System in the new DPF 3.2L Pajero model (this does not include the Pajero Sport, which has its own separate Module).

To pass on our thanks to our customers for their support who own a Pajero 3.2L DPF 2017 + model, and who have previously purchased the original 4D56 + 4M41 EGR Delete Module from Munji, we are offering a free swap over of the modules.

Please download and follow the instructions in the document link below to receive your replacement module.

 Replacement PROGRAM Form