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Chassis Cleaner Hose Fitting - The Douche...




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What is this?

This is a hose fitting that fits into most chassis used to clean the inside of the chassis down. We recommend fitting a zip tie to the end of the hose to prevent the fitting popping off inside your chassis.

With this design the hose will feed into the chassis with ease and pre soak the internals as its fed down the rails. The angle of the jets will allow the fitting to "hover" between the rails and propel itself along as you feed the hose further in.

Once it hits the end you can slowly remove it and it will hose all loose debris down the rail to minimize rust and unnecessary build up from your travels. 

Perfect for salted roads, saltwater trips, mud, sand and dust build up. 

What are the benefits?

Minimize build up of rust causing debris in the chassis.

Options Available

Nylon construction for light weight and non corrosive material that will last without posing threat to the chipping or scratching of protective coatings. Smooth on the internals...

What vehicles does this suit?

Fits anything with a run-up!!...


Tools required – screwdriver 

Installation Time - Approximately 1 minute

Difficulty – Do it yourself in the privacy of your own premises


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